Add Collapsible Content List

The Add Collapsible Content List widget allows you to display a list of content in an expand/collapse format, with several different display and filter options:

  • General Settings: Add an optional title, and filter by Content Type and/or Sitewide Topic
  • Display Settings: Add the number of items to show, and choose options from the “Sort order” and “Sort by” boxes.

To filter by Sitewide Topic, you’ll need to create the Topics and assign them to content items first.

In the example below, three News items on any Topic are configured to be displayed in descending order by post date:

Configure screen view for collapsible content list widget

Once saved, the content will appear on a page in collapsed format:

Collapsible content list view when saved. Items are collapsed in a neat list.

To see an example of a Collapsible Content List in action, visit the “How Do I...” page in the Help & Training section of this site.

Important Notes:

  • After saving both the widget configuration and the page customization, you may have to refresh your browser to see the items in the proper collapsed format.
  • If you would like to configure the "teaser" text that displays underneath each collapsible item, please use the "Edit Summary" link on the content item itself. In this field, you can add/configure the text that you would like to display when someone clicks on one of the expandable items in the Collapsible Content List.