Optional Features

The Open Berkeley features listed on this page (below) are optional for users. They may still be in development. If you are interested in being an early adopter for any of these optional features on your Open Berkeley website, email Web Platform Services at web-platform@berkeley.edu.

About Optional Features

Some of these features have been sponsored by individual departments. With sponsored features, the requirements are driven by the campus sponsor, but the resulting feature will be available to everyone on our platform. Rather than being custom work for one particular website, our sponsors are willing to allow us to roll the features back into our platform, so all campus sites on our Open Berkeley platform can benefit.

Being an early adopter means that you will be among the first to use the new features. There may be possible issues not yet discovered, so please be aware of trying out new features on a live production website. As an early adopter, please report them ASAP to web-platform@berkeley.edu.

If you are interested in sponsoring an Open Berkeley feature, email web-platform@berkeley.edu.