Publications Feature

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  • This feature is optional and available on request. If you would like to use it on your site, email

About the Publications Feature

The Publications feature allows site builders to create "Publication" content. Publication content items are documents such as journal articles, conference papers, and book chapters. These content items display the "abstracts" (summary) for the documents, and the documents may be uploaded as files to your site, or linked to their source on external websites. See Note on licensed content for important information about uploaded files.

The Publication feature includes:

  • the Publication content type
  • a taxonomy (category) for Publication types
  • filterable Publications listings (widgets)

When Publications content items are added to your site, they will automatically populate in a filterable table. The Publications content may also be displayed using additional Publications listing widgets.

See Figure 1, below, which shows the table that will be automatically created in order to display Publications content.

Figure 1: Publications Table
Screenshot of Publications table, which displays several filter and search buttons, and a table with links to the Publications content item, author, and other information

Creating and Editing Publications

Start using the Publications feature by creating Publications content. See Create Publications for instructions.

Viewing and Displaying Publications

Once you have created the Publications content items, they can be viewed at the path "/publications". By default, the list is displayed as a sortable table with Title, Author, Year (from the publication date), and Publication Type. See Figure 1, above, for an example.

You may use the default table display, or you may use other Publications listings widgets to display your Publications content. See Publications Widgets for more information.

Integration with Other Features

The Publications feature integrates with other Open Berkeley features: People and Departments (optional and available to any site on request).

Integration with People Feature

If you have the People feature enabled, your site will automatically create connections between publications and their authors:

  • If you create a Person item for someone you have already listed as an author of a publication, the connection will be created automatically and immediately. (Be sure to spell the person's display name the same way it is spelled in the author field of the publication!)
  • For any author who has a profile on your site, their name will be displayed as a link anywhere the publication's author field is displayed. This includes the main page for the publication and the publications list. The link leads to the author's Person page.
  • The author's Person page will contain a list of their publications. The list includes links to each publication and a link to the Publications list page.

These connections between the publications and their authors depend on an exact match between the spelling of the name in the Author field on the publication and the display name of the Person. These connections allows you to have a mix of authors who have profiles on your site, and authors who do not (e.g., if you are also using the People feature to feature people who are not authors of any publications).

Note on Licensed Content

Many publishers provide online access to licensed content. This means that an institution such as UC Berkeley can pay for a subscription that allows its members to view journal articles online. Most licenses also allow an individual to download and print a copy for their own personal use. And most allow websites to post links to the content where it is hosted on the publisher's website, which is access-controlled.

However, these licenses DO NOT allow licensed content to be redistributed in any way, including by downloading a copy and then uploading it to your own website, even if that website has also restricted access.

Similar restrictions apply to print publications: It is not permissible to make a digital copy of a printed article and post it to your website.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are following the terms of any licensed agreements, or other restrictions that apply, to any publication you intend to post. Violating license agreements, copyrights, or other terms of use could result in serious consequences for all of UC Berkeley. When in doubt, use the "Remote URL" option to link to the publication (see Creating and Editing Publications) instead of uploading a file to your site.

See Conditions of Use and Licensing Restrictions for Electronic Resources (UC Berkeley Library website) for more information.