Edit the Home Page

Overview of Your Website's Home Page

Your home page is populated and organized by layouts and widgets. It has the same general behavior as a Landing Page. There are a few important items to consider when editing your home page.

There is an "Edit" tab available, but using this tab is NOT how you'll edit the majority of content on your home page. Here are the settings that are available when you click the "Edit" tab:

  • Title. This is optional, and should only be used if you want some additional Title text underneath your primary navigation region. For most websites, the sitename in the header region of the site normally serves as the title of the home page, so this option is not necessary. If you would like this Title text to display on your home page, you will need to check the box that says "Show page title."
  • Breadcrumbs. The "show breadcrumbs" box is available, but is un-checked by default. Breadcrumbs on a home page are not necessary and not recommended. 
  • Menu settings. By default, you will have a "Home" item in your primary navigation that will always link back to the home page. "Provide a menu link" will be checked by default. This is the general recommended practice for all websites from a user interaction perspective. However, you have the option to call your home page something else in the primary navigation if desired; if you choose this option, you would configure the settings in this section ("Menu Link Title"). You may also choose to remove the "Home" link from the main menu by un-checking "Provide a Menu Link."
  • Redirects. You can add redirects (e.g., old site paths that are no longer in use) to your home page from this area as well.

To edit the actual content of the home page (the widgets; everything below the primary navigation and above the footer), and/or change the layout of the widgets, see Layouts and Widgets.

Important Note about Disabling "Home" link in Menu

If you have chosen to disable the "Home" link in your Main Menu from the "Manage Menus" section of your Site Builder Dashboard (see Re-Order and Manage Menu Items), then you will still see the "Provide a Menu Link" option as checked in the "Edit" tab of the home page. To avoid confusion, and for consistency, you might consider re-enabling the "Home" link from the "Manage Menus" section, then un-checking "Provide a Menu Link" from the "Edit" tab on your home page.