Limited WYSIWYG Toolbar

In regular Content pages and Text widgets, there is a "regular" (full) editing, a.k.a. WYSIWYG, toolbar. However, there are a few features in Open Berkeley that only allow a limited subset of tags. These items are the Mega Menu "Description" field, the "Caption" field on the Add Image widget, the "Photo description" extended text field on the Photo Thumbnail with Zoom widget, the secondary text field on the Thumnbail List widget, and the "Text" field on the Add File widget.

Here's what the toolbar looks like when editing the Caption field of the Add Image widget:

Screenshot showing the limited WYSIWYG toolbar in use on the Caption field of the Add Image widget.

Only links, typography tags (such as bold and italic), and paragraph/div/span tags are allowed. Other tags may interfere with the display of these widgets and will be stripped out when you save the item.

If you created one of these widgets or mega menu item with disallowed tags before we released this toolbar in version 0.19.0, the display of your widget will not change until you edit the widget again. When you open the widget or menu item for editing, you will see the contents of the widget as it will be rendered with the disallowed tags stripped out. You can cancel editing to preserve the current display, but we recommend updating the widget to account for the current restrictions.