Add Image

NOTE: Large (high resolution) images may cause performance issues and could possibly cause other site errors. Try to only upload photos that have a file size of 1MB or smaller when using this widget.

Use "Add Image" to feature a photo with a caption in a widget area. Note that you can also feature an image in a widget by using the "Add Text" widget option and the "Add Media" button (see Add Images from the Editors Guide).

After selecting the photo using the "Browse" button, you must hit the "Upload" button to upload the photo to the server.

Linking an image

To make your image a link, use the "Find Link" button (see above screenshot) to find pages on your site, or enter a full URL to an external page. The "Find Link" button works the same way as the Link button on the WYSIWYG toolbar. See Add link (internal) and Add link (external) for more information. Be sure to add alt text to your image if you're going to add a link to your image! (See Add Images.)

Other ways to incorporate images

The Berkeley Brand widgets Photo ThumbnailPromo Block with Image, Hero, and Thumbnail List provide more ways to incorporate images into your pages.