Manage Users


As a Site Builder, you can manage users and assign roles as necessary. Open Berkeley provides four roles: Contributor, Editor, Widget Editor, and Site Builder.

When you add a new user to your site, and they haven't yet attended training, start with the "Contributor" or "Editor" role. Please do not give users the "Site Builder" role until they have attended a Site Builder training. We also recommend training for the users with the "Widget Editor" role.

Users must have a CalNet ID in order to be added to your Open Berkeley site. If you need to grant access to people who are otherwise affiliated with the campus (contractors, consultants, collaborators, guests, etc.), please see CalNet Guest and Affiliate Accounts.

To add a new user, first have them visit https://[yoursite] and log in with their CalNet ID and passphrase. Once they have logged in, review the available roles and then assign the appropriate ones.

You can also remove a user's role entirely if the person has left your team and/or the campus. (The person will no longer be able to make edits to your site after you remove their role.) Once all roles have been removed from their account, a user doesn't have any more permissions than an anonymous visitor, so there is no need to block or delete accounts.