Create News Items


For more information about the News feature, please see "How do I create a News listing?"

When News items are added to your site, they will automatically populate at http://[yoursite] News items can be assigned to a News type before publishing (optional; News types can only be created/managed by Site Builders). "General" is the default News type that comes with all Open Berkeley sites, and more types can be added as necessary.

Create/Edit Summary

When creating a News item, the "Edit summary" option allows you to display a configured "teaser" version of the News item on the News page (visitors can click the item to read the rest of the item). By default, the News Archive page will show a trimmed value of the full text as the summary. To create/edit your own summary, click the "Edit Summary" link above the "Body" field.

Add News Items

To add a News item: Add the title to the "Title" field. If using, click the "Edit summary" option to add a summary (teaser), and add the full News text to the "Body" field.

Select a category (News type), if desired. News Types can only be created and configured by Site Builders:

Enter the publication date of the news item. The publication date field defaults to today's date. If the item has a different publication date, be sure to enter the correct date. The publication date controls how news items are sorted, and whether they appear in Recent Stories widgets.

If the news item is associated with any sitewide topics, you can select those by checking the boxes for each relevant topic. Topics can only be created and configured by Site Builders. 

As soon as you publish the news item, it will appear on your News Archive page and possibly in your Recent Stories widget (is using). 

News archive page (located at http://[yoursite]