Edit photos and files from the dashboard

From your admin menu and dashboard, you can download a list of the files on your site, edit the default alt and title text of image files, change the names of files, replace a file with a new version, and crop an image.

To perform any of these actions, navigate to your "Files" tab by hovering over your admin menu, or clicking on your dashboard in the upper left corner of your site.

Accessing the Files dashboard

Admin menu (click on the "Files" drop-down):

Screenshot of the admin menu expanded to show the files option

Dashboard (click on the "Files" link that looks like a tab):

Editing files from the dashboard

Once you are on the "Files" page, click the "Edit" link associated with the file you wish to edit.

From here, you have options to:

  • Edit the name of the file or attachment.
  • Edit the alt and title text of an image.
  • Replace the file or attachment. In order for links to the file to keep working, you must check the "Keep original filename" box.
  • Crop an image.
  • Add a media tag.
  • Add/edit a URL alias.

Downloading a list of files

Scroll to the bottom of the files table to find the CSV export link. If you want to export a list of a subset of files, you can use the files listing table filter and sort options and then activate the link.

Screenshot showing location of CSV Export link at the end of the files listing table