Site Builder Role

Service Catalog

Service Catalog provides a content type and a listings page that you can use to publicize services that your department provides. You can add an icon, link (for online services), and service categories for each service.

URL Redirects


Adding a redirect will ensure that if visitors go to an old link, they will be automatically redirected to a new page. You can add redirects for paths from an old website on the redirects administration page. It can also be helpful to add a redirect from an old path on your current website if you've since deleted the page (in case anyone has bookmarked that page to visit later).

Add Map

NOTE: If you would like to embed a map featuring multiple locations (using Google's "My Maps"), see Google and bConnected Widgets. Otherwise, for a map of just one location, see details below.

To embed a map of a single location in a widget, choose the "Add Map" option. Add the street address of the location you would like to feature, and a Google map will be generated.

Manage Main Menu


You can add and move content to the main menu (primary navigation) when creating or editing content. All menu items in the main menu need a "parent" (top-level) item. For the parent items in the main menu, the main menu itself is the "parent." Additional items are considered "child pages" (sub-pages) of the parent items. Child pages will show up in a local (sidebar) menu from the parent item.

By default, the main menu will display as a simple drop-down:


About Menus

Site Builders can move, edit, and delete menu items on Open Berkeley sites. Menus on Open Berkeley sites include the following:

Hero Widget

Hero image layouts allow site builders to add full-width images with text (and optional videos and links) across the top of your home page or landing pages. The styles and layouts match the new design of the Berkeley homepage and News website.

Add Submenu


You can feature menus from your site in a widget area by using the "Add Submenu" option. Select "Override Title" to add your own title if desired (otherwise, the title defaults to the chosen menu, and links to the parent item), then select the "Starting level" (1st level, 2nd level, etc.).

Expand/Collapse Content

Site builders who are comfortable editing HTML directly can add expanding/collapsing (accordion) content sections (the expand/collapse functionality is used on this very page!) to any content page or text widget.

Manage Users


As a Site Builder, you can manage users and assign roles as necessary. Open Berkeley provides four roles: Contributor, Editor, Widget Editor, and Site Builder.

Google and bConnected Widgets

The campus bConnected suite of services includes Google apps such as Docs and Forms (bDrive) and Calendar (bCal).  Using the Google/bConnected Widgets feature, Site Builders can add bConnected or other Google docs, forms, and c