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Create People Content

Overview of People (Person) Pages

The People feature comes with a "Person" content type. There are several fields available on the Person content type. Once you create your individual Person items, they will populate at the "/people" path, and can also be displayed using several widget types.

Note about Name Fields

Due to the immense variety of name-...

Hero Widget

Hero image layouts allow site builders to add full-width images with text (and optional videos and links) across the top of your home page or landing pages. The styles and layouts match the new design of the Berkeley homepage and News website.

Twitter Widget

Twitter Widget allows site builders to add Twitter timeline widgets to pages. You need a regular Twitter account to create these widgets, but you do not need a Twitter developer account or API key.

Data Visualization Widget

The Data Visualization (formerly Highcharts) widget allows you to embed accessible, interactive data visualizations created using Everviz (formerly Highcharts Cloud). Dozens of chart types and variations are available, including line, spline, area, column, bar, pie, and scatter charts.

FAQ Categories

Categories for FAQs are required. Before you create FAQ items, create your FAQ categories first (see instructions on the Categories page). The FAQs will be separated by category on your FAQ page. See...


The following taxonomy (category) options are available on the Open Berkeley platform:

FAQ categories are required and are used with the FAQ content type. When you create an FAQ, you will need to assign the FAQ item to an FAQ category, which will be organized accordingly on the main FAQ page (...

Campus Calendar widget

The Campus Calendar widget enables you to embed a short list of events from the Campus Calendar on your pages.

Content Types


There are four content types available by default on an Open Berkeley site. If you are using any optional features on your site, then you will see additional content types available.

Default Content Types collapse all expand all Content Page

Content pages are the majority of pages on most sites. A content page has one primary topic...

User Roles

Open Berkeley provides four roles that Site Builders can assign.

List of User Roles on the Open Berkeley Platform

In order of increasing privileges, these roles are:

Contributor: The most limited role, as Contributors can only edit content that they own. Assign it to users who need to be able to edit just a few pages, such as their faculty profile page or a small section of the site. Editor: A more advanced role than Contributor, and has all of the permissions as the Contributor, plus a few more. Assign it to users who need to be able to edit multiple...