Class Listings

The Class Listings widget allows Site Builders to embed a filtered list of classes from the Berkeley Academic Guide. The Academic Guide is is a robust tool to help the campus community explore Berkeley’s curricula and find classes, with various filters available (including year/term, major, search parameters, etc.). See Figure 1, below, to see a sample screenshot of the Class Listings widget.

Figure 1: Class Listings widget

How to Create a Class Listings Widget

In order to use this widget, visit and apply the appropriate filters in the left-side column (e.g., term, major requirements). If appropriate, select your department from the "Search by department subject" menu. After you have applied all your filters, copy the entire URL generated by in the address bar of your browser. Paste this URL into the Link or embed code field of the Class Listings widget.

Please note, if you use the keyword search function in addition to filters, it will take longer to preview your widget.

To find the widget to add to a page, go to Customize this Page at the bottom of the page, then hit the plus icon in the region where you'd like to add the Class Listings widget, then navigate to "Embeddable Content," and select "Class Listing". See Figure 2, below.

Figure 2: Select Class Listings widget

Once you've selected the widget, configure the widget by copying and pasting the URL into the "link or embed code" field. If desired, you can also add a title to the widget, and adjust the height of the widget. See Figure 3, below.

Figure 3: Configure Class Listings widget