News Listing Widget ("Recent Stories" or "Full Listing")


There are two options for displaying a News listing widget (News items): "Recent Stories" or "Full Listing". Select "News" from "Add Existing Content," then click the "Add" button for the view you'd like to feature in a widget.


  • These options are separate from the default "News Archive" page. See Create News Items for more info. 
  • Due to website caching, if you make changes to the "Recent Stories" widget, you may not see the changes show up for some time after hitting "Save." See Website Cache and Flush Cache for more information.  

"Recent Stories" widget

The "Recent Stories" widget (which comes with new Open Berkeley sites as starter content) features the most recent News items on your site in a simple list. You can configure the number of items displayed in this widget, as well as the "Display Type" ("Fields," "Content," "Table"). If you are using News types, you can filter the widget to display only certain types (News Types) in a Recent Stories widget if desired. This widget can feature any desired title (or no title at all) instead of the default "Recent Stories."

If you choose to check the box for "provide a more link," that link will display as "News Archive" by default, or you can customize the text to something different as desired. 

Notes about Recent Stories widget

  • If you choose the "Content" option for "Display Type," and would like to configure how the teaser text displays within the list of News Items in the widget, you will need modify the original News Items featured in this list.
    • To do this, find the original News Items that you will be featuring, hit the "Edit" link, and then hit the "Edit Summary" link above the editing toolbar to add/configure a specific summary.
  • If you choose to filter a Recent Stories widget by a News Type, the "More" link will go to a page that just shows the filtered news items, and there will be a breadcrumb at the top of the page that goes back to "All News."
    • If you would like to make it more clear that there is a filtered page and non-filtered page of News items, you could add a Text Widget to the News page that says something along the lines of "On this website, there are multiple News pages. Click the All News link if you would like to see all news."

"Full Listing"

The "Full Listing" option allows you to feature the full text of all of your News Items in a widget, with no additional configurable options (unlike "Recent Stories").