News Types


News Types are optional when using News Items. If you choose to create News Types (see instructions on the Categories page), you can either display a single News Type under the "News" menu item, or you can filter by News Types in a widget area on any page (see Types of Widgets).

Once you have created News Types, they will show up as checkboxes that you can select from when creating a News item (you can assign more than one News Type to a News item).

Use News Types to Filter News Widgets

If desired, you can filter one or more News types in a widget (or multiple widgets) - see News Listing Widgets.

Display a single news type under the "News" menu item

By default, any News items added to your site will automatically populate at http://[yoursite] (see Add News items). If desired, News items assigned to a specific News type can be displayed on their own page as a sub-item underneath the primary News page (only under the primary News page).

To do this: After creating your desired News types, display a single News type by navigating to your Site Builder dashboard, then selecting "Add new link" for the Main Menu in the "Administer Menus" section.

Give the menu item a link title, then put the following in the "Path" field: news-archive/[name of news type] (replace the brackets and text within brackets with the name of your news type, using dashes for any spaces between words, i.e., news-archive/specific or news-archive/specific-type).

For "Parent Link," select "News," then hit "Save." (Important note: Selecting any parent other than "News" will not work properly and is not recommended).

When you visit your primary News page, you should see your single News type displayed in the menu.