Edit Summary on Content Items

On many content types on the Open Berkeley platform, there is an "Edit Summary" option. On Landing pages, the label for this field is "Summary".

The "Edit Summary" option is helpful for showing the "teaser" (summary) text on the following features:

How to Edit the Summary

The "Edit Summary" option is collapsed by default, and can be expanded by clicking the "Edit summary" link. On Content pages, News items, FAQ items, etc., the "Edit Summary" link is just above the "Body" field. Click the link to expand the editing field. See Figure 1, below.

Figure 1

Once you have expanded the field, type in your desired summary. This is normally a short summary, i.e., no more than one or two sentences. See Figure 2, below.

Figure 2

When to Edit the Summary

If you are using the News feature, various listings widgets, and the Portfolio feature, these features will create an automatic teaser when showing a listing of your site content. If you would like to override the automatically-generated teaser text (e.g., if you'd like a consistent display of content on a listing widget), use the "Edit summary" option to do so. 

When you update the summary of a content item, you should see any feature that references that content item (such as the News Archive page, or a Listing widget) update accordingly. There may be a delay due to website caching