Editors Guide

Welcome to the Open Berkeley Editors Guide. As a designated Editor, Contributor, or Site Builder, you will be allowed to review and edit pages on your website. 

This guide covers the basic editing functionality available in Open Berkeley (everything available to the "Editor" role). For more advanced editing functionality, see the Site Builders Guide.

For an outline of the roles available in Open Berkeley, see Add New Users and Modify Roles from the Site Builders Guide

Get Started

If you are a designated Editor (or Contributor, or Site Builder) and want to edit or review content on the site, log in using the CAS link at:


If you experience any problems, please contact Web Platform Services (web-platform@berkeley.edu).

When you go to the CAS link, you will need to CalNet authenticate with your user name and password. The first time you do so, you may need to wait until you are granted the appropriate role before you can start making edits (a Site Builder can assign roles as needed).