How do I . . . ?

We have extensive documentation on how to use the Open Berkeley platform in our Guides section:

To help further guide you in the process of finding what you're looking for on this website, we have created these "How do I . . .?" pages. On these pages, you'll find helpful "tips and tricks" to point you in the right direction.

How do I feature and use photos/images on my site?

There are several options that will allow you to feature photos in unique ways on your site. Photos can be added to any standard Content Page, News Item, or FAQ using the editing toolbar (WYSIWYG). Photos can also be added via several widget options on your homepage, Landing Pages, and Content Pages.

How do I know when to use a Content Page, and when to use a Landing Page?

There are two primary differences between Content Pages and Landing Pages on the Open Berkeley platform:

Content Pages have one primary chunk of content, and customizing the page to add one or two additional widgets is OPTIONAL Landing Pages have multiple pieces of content of equal importance on one page, and customizing the page is REQUIRED

Additionally, special Hero widgets (Hero and Color Band) can only be used on Landing Pages.

How do I feature a rotating selection of content?

You can use various "listings" widgets and categories to display a selection of content that changes every time someone visits your page(s).

How do I add links to widgets?

All widgets allow you to add/feature at least one link. Some image-based widgets (Hero widget, Image widget) allow you to add an optional link to make the image clickable. With other image-based widgets (Photo Thumbnail, Thumbnail List), adding a link is required. The Add Links widget allows you to feature a list of links. Many widgets allow you to add a link to the title of the widget.

How do I convert a Content page to a Landing page?

You may want to use a Landing page if you would like to use a full-width "Hero" widget, and/or if you would like to add many widgets to a page.

How do I add a set of FAQs to my site?

The built-in FAQ functionality in Open Berkeley allows you to create as many FAQs as you need, organized by categories. These FAQs can be viewed all on one page, or as individual menu items (within certain sections of your site). Contributors, Editors, and Site Builders can all create and edit FAQs, but only Site Builders can create/organize FAQ categories.

How do I add expand/collapse content to my site?

Expand/collapse text allows site visitors to click on a line of text, which then expands to show additional corresponding text. This can enable site visitors to more easily skim the text on a page to find what they're looking for (especially if the page has a lot of content), and can also help Site Builders feature their content in a more dynamic list.

How do I create a News listing?

The built-in News functionality in Open Berkeley allows you to create a News listing (time-sensitive items displayed in a feed). There are optional News Types available that can be assigned to News Items. You can choose to feature all of your News Items on one page (the News Archive), and/or a customized listing of News Items within individual widgets (the News Listings widgets).

How do I show "recently-updated" (filtered) content on my site?

There are a few widgets that allow you to show a list of filtered content on your site - for example, a list of recently-updated content. This can be a combination of any/all content types available on the Open Berkeley platform.

How do I edit/update my homepage?

Your homepage is populated by layouts and widgets, so you can change your layout and add/configure widgets. You can change layouts as many times as necessary to find the ideal organization of your homepage widgets. If you want to feature a full-width Hero or Color Band widget on your homepage, remember to select one of the "Hero" layouts first. Only Site Builders can edit the homepage of an Open Berkeley site.

How do I add an image slideshow/carousel?

On our platform, there is a widget available that lets you add a slideshow/carousel of photos. This widget is called the Spotlight Widget.

How do I edit the Footer area of my site?

You have the choice between two footer layouts: the standard footer or the "legacy" footer.

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