How do I show "recently-updated" (filtered) content on my site?


There are a few widgets that allow you to show a list of filtered content on your site - for example, a list of recently-updated content. This can be a combination of any/all content types available on the Open Berkeley platform.

A set of "featured items" on the Open Berkeley homepage, which utilizes the Collapsible Content widget (and a Promo Block)

Best Practices

The Content List and Collapsible Content List widgets both allow you to feature a list of content in a widget, and there are various options within the widgets to filter the content. The Content List widget has several display options, such as full content and teaser (summary) views. The Collapsible Content widget displays the content in expand/collapse format (see screenshot above for example). Both widgets allow you to filter by content type, sitewide Topic, ascending/descending order, post date, updated date, title, and "random."

Another option for a list of filtered content is to utilize the News feature and the Recent Stories widget. The Recent Stories widget allows you to just show News item in a filtered feed, with the option to utilize News categories as well. 


When configuring the Content List, Collapsible Content List, and Recent Stories widgets, choose from the various filter options accordingly, and click "Save" when ready. These widgets can be added to any page where the "Customize this page" and "Change Layout" options are available (see Layouts and Widgets). In the following Collapsible Content List widget example, the topic "Featured" is selected, and the number of items to show is set to the number 4. If you wanted to display a list of content that has been recently updated, you would select "Desc" and "Updated Date" in the "Sort order sort by" section.