How do I convert a Content page to a Landing page?


There are two common reasons why you may want to use a Landing page instead of a Content page:

For more information about the difference between a Content page and a Landing page, see How do I know when to use a Content page, and when to use a Landing page?.

Maybe you want to use a Landing Page and a full-width Color Band


An existing piece of content cannot be "converted" to another content type - e.g., a Content page cannot be converted to a Landing page. However, you can simply re-create a Content page as a Landing page. Here are the recommended steps for doing so:

  • Update the alias on the original Content page:
    • On the original Content page version, un-check the "Generate Automatic Aliases" option, and give the page a manual alias instead (such as my-page-old). By doing this, you can easily give the new Landing Pages the same title as the Content Page ("My Page").
    • It's recommended that you do this because with Automatic Aliases turned on, if you don't give the Content page a different manual alias, you will end up with a duplicate alias appended with a 0 (my-page-0). This is expected behavior, since you shouldn't be creating pages with duplicate titles.
    • This can also easily be fixed if it did happen while creating new Landing pages, but generally speaking, it was easier to follow this process to get ahead of any issue before it starts.
  • Create the new Landing page, add your desired title, and select "Create a Menu Link" to add to your Main Menu. 
  • Navigate to your Site Builder dashboard (admin/dashboard), and under "Administer Menus," click on "Main Menu."
  • Using the drag-and-drop interface, move all the sub-pages from under the old Content Page by dragging them under the new Landing Page. 
  • Un-publish the old Content page.
  • Add a redirect from the manual paths that you created in the beginning (my-page-old) to the new Landing page path (my-page).
    • This step might not be 100% necessary, but it's a good practice that to follow when un-publishing pages.
    • Do a final sweep of the new top-level pages and most of the sub-pages, just to make sure everything still looks good, and that the structure is how you expect it to be.