How do I feature and use photos/images on my site?


There are several options that will allow you to feature photos in unique ways on your site. Photos can be added to any standard Content Page, News Item, or FAQ using the editing toolbar (WYSIWYG). Photos can also be added via several widget options on your homepage, Landing Pages, and Content Pages. There is also a Featured Image option on individual content types, to be used along with Listings widgets, News widgets, and the optional People feature

Did you know there are Stock Photos available in your image library?

Best Practices

  • Avoid uploading very large photo files to your site, which will have a negative effect on the overall speed and performance of your site. As a general rule of thumb, only upload photos that are within the "KB" size range (i.e., less than 1MB). 
  • Use photos to add variety to your site, and to help "break up" large chunks of text (to make your pages easier to read/skim).
  • Use the Berkeley Brand Photoshop template to turn a portrait photo into a landscape photo.
  • Remember to use alt text for accessibility!


Where to Find Photos on Your Site

  • All photos uploaded to your site can be found at the /admin/dashboard/files path of your site, in the "Files" tab of the Editor/Site Builder dashboard, and in the "Library" tab within the "Add Media" uploader interface. Your library comes pre-supplied with a variety of Stock Images.
  • In addition to the available Stock Images, more campus photos can be found at

How to Add/Upload/Select Photos

  • When creating Content Pages, News Items, and FAQs, you can add a photo by using the "Add Media" button in the editing toolbar (WYSIWYG). There are several display options available, and you have the option to crop the photo when uploading as well.
  • When using Listings widgetsNews widgets, and the optional People feature, use the Featured Image.

How to Feature Photos Using Widgets

How to Prepare Images for Use in Brand Widgets

When using Brand components such as Hero, Photo Thumbnail, or Promo widgets, your images will be automatically cropped and scaled to fit the aspect ratio and size required by the widgets. For best results you should crop your images before uploading.

See Image shapes and sizes for information about image sizes and shapes for widgets.

How to Organize Your Photos

  • Optional Media Tags are available to help you categorize and organize your photos.
  • Try to use short and easy-to-read file names for your photos (e.g., "campanile.png" instead of "campuscampanile03423o82323213.png"). This will make it much easier to search for and use photos again in the future.