How do I create a News listing?


The built-in News functionality in Open Berkeley allows you to create a News listing (time-sensitive items displayed in a feed). There are optional News Types available that can be assigned to News Items. You can choose to feature all of your News Items on one page (the News Archive), and/or a customized listing of News Items within individual widgets (the "Recent Stories" widget).

Contributors, Editors, and Site Builders can create News Items and assign them to existing News Types, but only Site Builders can create News Types and utilize the Recent Stories widget.

Recent Stories example screenshot
In the above example from our homepage of, News Items are used for our "Release Notes." We've used the Recent Stories widget with no title (so we could use a Promo widget instead), showing a list of the three most recent News Items filtered by a "Release Notes" News Type.

Best Practices

For the "News Archive" page (where all of your News Items will populate by default; the path is /news-archive), the summary of each news item will be created/trimmed automatically on longer news items. We recommend using the "Edit Summary" option on News Items to add your own summary, to help keep the summaries on your News Archive clean and uniform. See our own News Archive page for an example of how this looks.


  • News items will automatically populate at the path /news-archive on your site (don't forget about the "Edit Summary" field!). If you have a new Open Berkeley starter (test) site, you will likely notice the "News" page already added to your primary navigation featuring a couple of starter News Items. See Create News Items for details.
  • News Types can be useful, but are not required (see "Recent Stories" details, below). See News Types for details.
  • The "Recent Stories" widget will allow you to feature any/all of your News items in a widget, with a few different display options. You can add multiple Recent Stories widgets anywhere on your site. If you utilize News Types, you can filter by one or more News Types in a Recent Stories widget. The "Recent Stories" widget can be renamed to anything you'd like (or you can choose to not feature a title on the widget). See Recent Stories for details.
  • You can feature individual News items on any page using the "Add Content Item" widget, with a few different display options. See Add Content Item for details.