Featured Image

Overview of the Featured Image option

A few Open Berkeley features require the addition of a "featured image" on the original content item. The image can be uploaded or selected from the image library during the process of creating/editing a content item. 

A featured image should be added to content items when using the following features:

The featured image will not show up by default on the content item itself; it is primarily there to be featured in the aforementioned examples. If you would like to show an image on the actual content item (in addition to a Listings widget), you can do so by customizing the page and adding the Featured Image widget to the page. You can also show the image by adding it to the Body content using the WYSIWYG editor, or by adding a different widget that includes the image.

Featured Image Shape/Size

  • Photos should be landscape photos. If you only have portrait photos, you can use a photo editing tool like Photoshop to either adjust the image, or use this Photoshop template provided by Public Affairs, which will help you "transform a portrait image to a landscape image."
  • Photo dimensions must be at least 768x512 pixels. 
  • If a photo is in more of a square-type shape, but still fits in the required dimensions, then it may be automatically cropped in order to fit the default rectangle shape. You can use a photo editing tool like Photoshop to adjust a photo if it's not displaying as desired in the rectangle shape.

How to Add a Featured Image

When creating/editing a content item, navigate to the "Featured Image" field, and click the "Upload" button (see above screenshot). From here, you can either upload a new photo, or select a photo that fits the requirements for image shape size (see notes about image shape/size above) from the image library. 

To show the Featured Image on the content item itself (i.e., in addition to showing the Featured Image on a Listings widget), go to Customize this Page (see Layouts and Widgets for instructions on customizing pages), hit the plus icon in the region where you'd like to place the Featured Image widget, select the "Page Content" option, then select the "Featured Image" option.

Once you've selected the Featured Image widget, check the "Override Title" checkbox to add a title to the widget if desired, then click "Continue," change the image style if desired ("Rectangle" is the default, but "Square" and "None" are also available), then click "Finish" when ready.

Note about Image Style

Changing the image style will only change it when featured on the page itself in its own widget. It will not change the image style for any Listings or News widgets.

Default Featured Image

If you do not upload a Featured Image to accompany the content shown in a Content Grid or Content Thumbnail List Listings widget, a default image of the Campanile will display instead.