Site Builder Admin Menu and Dashboard

Admin Menu

When you are logged in, you will see a black admin bar at the upper left side of the page. From this menu, you can easily perform such actions as view content, add content, view and add files, access your Dashboard, log out, etc.

Screenshot of the admin menu expanded to show all options

Site Builder Dashboard

The "Dashboard" page contains all of the actions that your role is allowed to perform.

New functionality may be added for Site Builders for your specific website. When looking for new functionality that a Site Builder can access, always visit the Dashboard first.

The admin menu and dashboard for Editors includes these widgets and tabs:

  • Create Content widget: Helper links to create different types of content.
  • Content Overview: List of existing content on site, by type.
  • New Content: List of the most recently created content.
  • Files tab: Listing of files with links to edit.

In addition to the Editor's content, the Site Builder dashboard includes:

  • Administer Menus widget: Links to add items and manage menu structure.
  • Administer Taxonomy widget: Links to
  • URL administration widget: Links to manage aliases and redirects.
  • Other administration widget: Links to theme settings, site information, footer information, etc.
  • New user accounts widget: Most recently created user accounts.
  • Categories tab: Listing of categories, with links to edit.
  • User Accounts tab: Listing of all user accounts and role management.
  • Blocks tab: List of all custom blocks, with links to edit.
  • Open Berkeley tab: Access to configuration for Open Berkeley features, such as FAQ display.
  • Widgets tab: Listing of all widgets used in your pages.

If you are using any optional features or sponsored features, you may see additional tabs.