Sponsored Features

Note: The Web Platform Services team is focusing on developing the next generation of the platform, so we are not accepting new sponsored feature requests for the current platform.

Please email web-platform@berkeley.edu if you would like more information about any of the below items, or if you would like to discuss a new sponsored feature idea for the next generation of the platform.

About Sponsored Features

There are a number of campus partners that have sponsored feature development for our Open Berkeley platform. With sponsored features, the requirements are driven by the campus sponsor, but the resulting feature will be available to everyone on our platform. Rather than being custom work for one particular website, our sponsors are willing to allow us to roll the features back into our platform, so all campus sites on our Open Berkeley platform can benefit.

Open Berkeley Sponsors

Below the table, there are descriptions of each status (e.g., "available" and "on request"). In the table, when possible, there are linked documentation pages that provide more information and instructions on how to use the individual features. 

Accessible expand/collapse Available People & Culture
Clone Content Available Vice Chancellor for Administration, for Disability Access & Compliance
Collapsible Content List widget Available People & Culture
Collapsible FAQ display Available People & Culture
Content Grid & Content Thumbnail List Available Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS)
Data Visualization widget Available People & Culture, for the Web Accessibility Staff Organization
Expanding Grid Portfolio display Available Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS)
Featured Image Available Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS)
Video improvements Available Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL)
List style button Available Academic Senate
Photo Thumbnail colors (additional) Available People & Culture
Top Results (keywords) Available University Health Services
Twitter widget Available California Active Transportation Safety Information Pages (CATSIP)
Portfolio On request Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL), Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS)
Service Catalog On request Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL)Office of the CIO
Book On request Academic Senate
People On request SafeTREC, Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS), California Initiative for Health Equity & Action (Cal-IHEA)
Departments On request
Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL)
Publications On request SafeTREC
Chat widget Alpha University Health Services
Search verification Alpha Office of the CIO, bIT - Campus IT Experience
Publishing Workflow In development College of Letters & Science
Initial pilot project N/A Office of the ChancellorVice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
Overall platform N/A Office of the CIO, bIT - Campus IT Experience
Discovery and development N/A People & Culture, bIT - Campus IT Experience, School of Optometry, University Health Services, College of Letters & Science, California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC), Office of Resources for International and Area Studies (ORIAS)


  1. "Available" features are ready-to-use on all Open Berkeley sites (no need to submit a request to use them).
  2. "On request" features are available to all Open Berkeley sites upon request. Send email to web-platform@berkeley.edu for more information or to request any of these features on your site.
  3. "Alpha" features are only available to their sponsor and to select early adopters, who have agreed to participate in testing and review of the feature. While a feature is in the alpha stage, the functionality is subject to change based on sponsor and early adopter feedback.
  4. Features "in development" are not available except to their sponsor in separate test sites. They are not ready for use on live sites.