Theme (Branding)

The Open Berkeley theme (design) aligns with the Public Affairs brand materials and guidelines.

The theme is responsive, meaning your website will "respond" accordingly based on how it is being viewed (via desktop, mobile, or tablet devices).

The following features are available with the Berkeley Brand theme, providing site building flexibility that supports the campus branding initiative:

Mega Menu

By default, the menus in the Open Berkeley theme have a simple drop-down functionality (similar to the previous theme). The Mega Menu option is also available, where the top-level menu item pops open, and features a photo and description along with the menu items. See Mega Menu for instructions on how to use.

Hero Widget (full-width)

The Hero widget is a full-width image with text (and optional videos and links) across the top of homepages and landing pages. See Hero Widget for instructions on how to use.

Color Bands (full-width)

A Color Band a full-width band of color with text that can be added to homepages and landing pages. See Color Bands for instructions on how to use.

Photo Thumbnails

A Photo Thumbnail is a widget containing a photo with a color band added to the bottom of the photo, and must be linked to either internal or external content. See Photo Thumbnails for instructions on how to use.


Promo block widgets feature 1-2 lines of text on top of an approved background color. There are two types of promo blocks (Promo Block, and Promo Block with Image). See Promo Blocks for instructions on how to use.

And more to come!