Site Launch

The Web Platform Services team will take care of the site launch process for your Open Berkeley website. The below process is general; depending on your website's URL and other details, the process may be slightly different. 

Please email when you are ready to launch your website. 

When You Are Ready to Go Live

  • Make sure to do a final check and review of your website.
    • Is all of your content in the correct place?
    • Have you set up your redirects for all of your previous site paths?
    • Check for any typos or spelling errors, and do a general review of your content and site layout.
    • Ask other colleagues, stakeholders, etc. to review the site as well.
  • One day before your desired go-live date, the content freeze will begin. This means that no changes should be made during the 24 hour period. If any changes are made during this period, they will be lost once the site goes live and will need to be re-created.

Go-Live Process

  1. The Open Berkeley site owner alerts Web Platform Services ( that they are ready to go live at least three weeks (effective 7/1/22) before the proposed go-live date.
  2. Web Platform Services will submit the Socreg form for offsite hosting and coordinate with the campus DNS (Domain Name System) Administrator, specifying the proposed go-live date.
  3. When submitting the form, Web Platform Services will need to the name of a "Resource Proprietor" (site owner). The Socreg team requests that the Resource Proprietor is a "Berkeley Campus Administrative Official (e.g. Dean, Director, PI, MSO, or other responsible individual to whom financial, administrative or management responsibilities for your area have been delegated) to sponsor your activity." The Open Berkeley site owner will let Web Platform Services know who is the appropriate individual to serve as Resource Proprietor.
  4. The Resource Proprietor will need to reply to an email sent from Socreg asking to accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Once the Socreg team receives the reply and approves the request to host the website offsite on Pantheon, the request will be passed to the campus DNS Administrator and added to their queue.
  6. The content freeze will begin 24 hours before the go-live date.
  7. The site will be live the morning of the go-live date. Web Platform Services will alert the site owner when the site is live and it is safe to make edits again.