Anatomy of an Open Berkeley Page

The Open Berkeley theme supports the Berkeley Brand design guidelines. This includes the primary structure of the home page and individual pages: banner region, menus, footer region, etc.

About Open Berkeley Page Structure (Anatomy)

The below list refers to the annotated screenshot (Figure 1) of the homepage of an Open Berkeley starter site. All of the items in the below list will be the same on each page (which some configuration options available), except for item 8.

Item 8, which is the "main content section" of each page, is where Site Builders/Editors/Contributors will create the unique content for their site. This content will be added and organized using various content types. The layouts and widgets functionality allows for additional flexibility on a page-by-page basis. 

List of Items that Create the Structure of Open Berkeley Pages

  1. Blue bar link to gateway site (header section)
  2. Parent Organization (header section; optional)
  3. Secondary menu (header section; optional)
  4. Search box (header section)
  5. Berkeley wordmark (header section)
  6. Site Name/Title of Site (header section)
  7. Main menu/Primary navigation (header section)
  8. Starter content (main content section)
  9. Berkeley logo (footer section)
  10. Footer menu (footer section)
  11. Footer links block (footer section)
  12. Policy and copyright requirements for all sites (footer section)

Figure 1: Annotated screenshot of Open Berkeley starter site homepage

Screenshot of a typical Open Berkeley homepage with the primary elements highlighted and annotated