User Roles

Open Berkeley provides four roles that site builders can assign. In order of increasing privileges, they are:


Contributor is the most limited role. Assign it to users who need to be able to edit just a few pages, such as their faculty profile page or a small section of the site. Contributors can:


Editor is a more advanced role, and have all of the permissions mentioned above, plus a few more. Assign it to users who need to be able to edit multiple pages, but who do not need additional privileges such as managing menus, categories, etc. In addition to the permissions for Contributors, Editors can:

Widget Editor

This is an add-on role that can be granted to users who already have the Contributor or Editor role. Assign it to Contributors or Editors who need to clone content or work with layouts and widgets. We recommend that Widget Editors attend training to learn how to customize pages and work with layouts and widgets. Widget Editors can:

Note: The Editor role by itself will allow a user to edit any content except Landing pages, and the Widget Editor role will allow an Editor to create Landing pages. If a user has both the Editor role and the Widget Editor role, this user will be able to create their own Landing pages, but they will not be able to edit any other Landing pages where they are not the author. 

Site Builder

Site Builders have all of the permissions mentioned above, plus additional access to manage their sites. This role should only be assigned to a limited number of trusted people on any given site. Assign it to people who manage the overall site. Every Site Builder should attend training at least once. Site Builders can:

Other roles

In addition to these roles that site builders can assign, there are two built-in roles that cannot be assigned or removed: Anonymous and Authenticated User. Anonymous users do not log in and do not have accounts. The role is used to control what regular visitors to your site can do. For example, anonymous users have permission to view published content, but not to view unpublished content.

Authenticated User is a role that applies automatically to any person who logs in to the site. These users do not have any more privileges than anonymous users.

Finally, the Open Berkeley team has a more advanced role, Administrator, on all managed sites. In addition to the permissions mentioned above, Administrators can enable optional features. Administrators may also perform emergency maintenance on any aspect of a site, only if needed.