Create New Content


To create new pages on your site, hover over Dashboard --> Content in your Admin menu, or visit your Editor/Site Builder Dashboard (admin/dashboard).

The "Editor" and "Contributor" roles can create new Content Pages, FAQs, and News Items. If optional features are enabled, Editors and Contributors can also create content of those types.

Screenshot of the admin menu expanded to show the available content options

If you need to create a new page that does not currently exist on the website:

  • Select the content type you would like to add (for example, Content Page, FAQ, News Item)
  • Enter a title for your page. You will want to create meaningful (and short, if possible) titles that will show up properly when users search for content.
  • Enter the text you wish to include in the Body field. You may copy and paste existing text if available and use the editing toolbar for formatting. See Edit Content for instructions on using the editing toolbar.

The "Site Builder" and "Widget Editor" roles can also create Landing pages.

Cloning content

Site builders have the option to enable cloning for any content type. If you have the Widget Editor add-on role, you will see a Clone button at the top of eligible pages. See Cloning content and How to clone a page for more information.