How to Clone a Page


Once cloning has been enabled for a content type (see Clone Content), Site Builders and Widget Editors will see a “Clone this [content type]” button at the top of every page of that type.

Clicking the button takes you to the edit form of a new page with all of the same field, layout, and widget settings as the source page. The Title field will be empty; you must enter a title before you can save the page.

All field content will be the same on the cloned page as on the source page, with one exception: The publication date for News items will be reset to the current date. 

Make any changes to the Body or other fields as desired. Your new page will not be created until you click the “Save” button.

Even if the source page is unpublished, the new cloned page will be published by default. Site Builders can save pages as drafts and publish or unpublish them. Widget Editors cannot.

Once you have saved the new page, you can customize it or change the layout as you would for any other page.


Cloned pages do not inherit any menu settings from their source page. If you want the new page to be in your menu, you must configure the menu settings as you would for any other new page. Site Builders can add pages to menus, but Widget Editors cannot.

Book Pages

If you have the Book feature enabled, cloning a Book page will initially set the cloned page as a sibling of the source page, with the same parent page in the Book outline. If you need to move the cloned page to a different place in the hierarchy, or a different Book, you can do so using the Book Outline vertical tab.

If you clone a top-level Book page, the cloned page will be the top page of a new Book.

Reusable and Non-Reusable Widgets

When you clone a page, any widgets that are not marked as reusable will also be cloned. The instances of the widget on the source page and the new cloned page will not be related in any way.

Reusable widgets on the source page will not be “cloned” by definition, but they will show up on cloned pages. Due to the nature of reusable widgets, the cloned page will use an instance of the reusable widget, just as if you had chosen the widget from the Reusable Content category and added it to a page. When you update a reusable widget anywhere it’s used (both cloned and non-cloned pages), all instances of that widget will be updated.

Widget Editors can add and remove reusable widgets on pages, but they cannot edit existing reusable widgets. Only Site Builders can edit reusable widgets.

Revisions on Cloned Pages

Cloned pages do not inherit any revision information from their source page. When you first save a cloned page, that version becomes the initial revision of the new page. From then on, revisions are created as they would be for any other page.

By default, revisions are disabled on test sites, and enabled on live sites. Site Builders, Editors, and Widget Editors can choose to override the default and specify whether or not a new revision should be created.