The following taxonomy (category) options are available in Open Berkeley:

  • FAQ categories: Required, to use with the FAQ content type. When you create an FAQ, you will need to assign to a FAQ category, which will be organized accordingly on /faq-page.
  • Media Tags: Optional, to help organize your photos and other attachments.
  • News types: Optional, to use with the News content type.
  • Sitewide Topics: Optional, to help organize and feature your content. Available for all content types.

Optional features such as Service Catalog also provide their own taxonomies.

To add any of these options, navigate to your Site Builder dashboard. Under "Administer Taxonomy," select "Add new category" next to any of the options.

Add any terms you want to use for organizing your content (e.g., "General") -- only the "Name" field is required, but you may add a "Description" if you would like.

If you have an optional feature that provides a taxonomy enabled, you will also see "Add new category" and "Manage categories" links for those in the "Administer Taxonomy" section of the dashboard.