The following taxonomy (category) options are available on the Open Berkeley platform:

Optional features such as the People and Publications feature also provide their own categories.

How to Add and Manage Categories

To add and use categories on your Open Berkeley website, navigate to your Site Builder dashboard (the "Dashboard" link in the upper left corner). Navigate to the "Administer Taxonomy" section. See Figure 1, below.

Figure 1: Administer taxonomy section on the Site Builder dashboard
Screenshot of Site Builder dashboard, with the Administer Taxonomy section highlighted

This section is a table, and each category type has its own row in the table. There are two options available for each category. The "Manage categories" link allows you to edit existing categories and drag-and-drop the categories into the desired order. The "Add new category" link allows you to add new categories. When adding a new category, choose a name that you want to use to organize your content (e.g., "General"); only the "Name" field is required, but you may add a "Description" if desired (on the main FAQ page, the "Description" will show up below the category title). See Figures 2 and 3, below.

Figure 2: Edit and drag-and-drop categories
Screenshot of Manage categories screen, with the drag-and-drop and edit options highlighted

Figure 3: Add new categories
Screenshot of Add New Category screen, with the name and description fields highlighted

If you have an optional feature that has its own category (such as People or Publications), you will also see "Add new category" and "Manage categories" links for those feature-specific categories in the "Administer Taxonomy" section of the Site Builder dashboard.