Create FAQs

When FAQ items are added to your site, they will automatically populate at http://[yoursite] FAQ items have to be assigned to a category before publishing. Before you can create FAQ items, you (or someone with the Site Builder role) must evaluate and create applicable FAQ categories. "General" is the default category that comes with all Open Berkeley sites, and more categories can be added as necessary. By default, FAQs will display as "jump" (anchor) links. There are two other display options available. Individual FAQ categories may also be added to the main menu. 

For more information about the FAQ feature, please see "How do I add a set of FAQs to my site?" and Manage FAQs

How to Create FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Select "Add FAQ" from the admin menu flyout menu, or from your dashboard. Add the question to the "Question" field. If the question is very long (too long to fit in the "Question" field"), put the extended text into the "Detailed Question" field. Add the answer to the "Answer" field. Select the desired category from the "Category" dropdown (e.g., "General"). Select the "Save" (or "Publish") button at the bottom of the page when finished. See Figure 1, below.

Figure 1: Create FAQ, add question and answer, and select FAQ category. 
 Screenshot of the Create FAQ editing interface

Once you have created your FAQ items, they may be arranged on the main FAQ page. See Manage FAQs for more information.