Create FAQs

When FAQ items are added to your site, they will automatically populate at http://[yoursite] FAQ items have to be assigned to a category before publishing. "General" is the default category that comes with all Open Berkeley sites, and more categories can be added as necessary. The designated Site Builder(s) for your site should create applicable FAQ categories before you start creating FAQ items.

To add a new FAQ: Add the question to the "Question" field. If the question is very long (too long to fit in the "Question" field"), put the extended text into the "Detailed Question" field. Add the answer to the "Answer field".

Select a category, then hit "Save".

The questions will be added as "jump links" (anchor links) that will jump to their equivalent answers when clicked.

To re-arrange the order of the questions on your FAQ page, select the "Order" tab, then choose the appropriate category, then hit "Search".

Drag and drop the FAQ items as needed, then hit "Save order".