Create News Items


When News items are added to your site, they will automatically populate at http://[yoursite] News items can be assigned to a News type before publishing (optional; News types can only be created/managed by Site Builders). "General" is the default News type that comes with all Open Berkeley sites, and more types can be added as necessary.

Service Catalog

Service Catalog provides a content type and a listings page that you can use to publicize services that your department provides. You can add an icon, link (for online services), and service categories for each service.

News Listing Widget ("Recent Stories" or "Full Listing")

There are two options for displaying a News listing widget (News items): "Recent Stories" or "Full Listing". Select "News" from "Add Existing Content," then click the "Add" button for the view you'd like to feature in a widget.

NOTE: This option is separate from the default "News Archive" page. See Create News Items for more info. 

Topics (sitewide), a.k.a. Tags

About Topics, also known as Tags

Sitewide Topics are optional, and are available to help organize and feature your content. 

When you create Topics from your Dashboard (admin/dashboard), the same way you add FAQ categories and News types, you will notice that checkboxes for the various Topics are now available when you create content on your site.


Portfolio allows site builders to create accessible, filterable grid displays of content. You can choose which content types to display and what terms to filter them on.

FAQ Categories

Categories for FAQs are required. Before you start creating FAQ items, create FAQ categories first (see instructions on the Categories page), so that you can assign the FAQ items to their corresponding FAQ categories.

News Types

News Types are optional when using News Items. If you choose to create News Types (see instructions on the Categories page), you can either display a single News Type under the "News" menu item, or you can filter by News Types in a widget area on any page (see Types of Widgets).


The following taxonomy (category) options are available in Open Berkeley:

Media Tags

If desired, you can add Media Tags to help organize the files in your Library. This is optional; use only if you have a lot of images and need to categorize them for ease of re-use.

Both Editors and Site Builders can create and use Media Tags, but only Site Builders can edit/delete existing Media Tags.

When you upload a photo, you will see an option to add Media Tags to the photo you've just uploaded to the server.

Re-order FAQ Items and Categories

When FAQ items are added to your site, they will automatically populate at http://[yoursite] If you would like to change the order in which the individual FAQ items are displayed on their page(s), follow these steps.

On your FAQ page, click "Order". Choose the category you would like to re-order, the drag and drop the FAQ items accordingly.