Topics (sitewide), a.k.a. Tags

About Topics, also known as Tags

Sitewide Topics are optional, and are available to help organize and feature your content. 

When you create Topics from your Dashboard (admin/dashboard), the same way you add FAQ categories and News types, you will notice that checkboxes for the various Topics are now available when you create content on your site.

When you tag a content item with a Topic, you will notice that the content item will display with the list of tagged Topic(s) at the bottom (in its own widget area).

When site visitors click on a Topic link, they will be brought to a page listing all content tagged with that particular Topic. This page will be sorted by the "last updated" date.

If you have created Topics and tagged content items with them, visitors using your site's built-in Search field will see a search facet on the results page. The search facet allows filtering of search results by Topics.

"This Node" Topics widget

If you hit "Customize this page" on any page, you will likely also see a placeholder "Topics" widget called '"This Node' Topics". This is the placeholder widget that will list any Topics if they are being used. It will not show up on the page unless Topics are being used. If Topics are not being used, this widget will say: "This widget ('This node' Topics) will not display because it is empty, missing required information, or not available on this page."

There is no need to make any editing changes to this widget, including removing it or selecting any of the Settings buttons. The content of this widget will automatically update once you start using Topics.

You can, however, move the widget to another region on a page if you'd like the Topics to show up somewhere else on the page (click "Customize this page" and then drag the widget to a different region). 

Topics Display and Label

By default, Topics will display on pages where they are used where each Topic is on its own line (without bullets). Builders can also choose to have the Topics display in one line (separated by a comma), or in a bulleted list. 

Additionally, Builders can choose to have the label for the Topics widget to be "Tags" instead of "Topics." 

To view these options and/or change the settings, navigate to the Site Builder dashboard, and click the "Open Berkeley" tab:

Then, click on "Topics Widget Settings":

From here, select the display options that you wish to use: