FAQ Categories

Categories for FAQs are required. Before you create FAQ items, create your FAQ categories first (see instructions on the Categories page). The FAQs will be separated by category on your FAQ page. See Manage FAQs for more information. 

Once you have created FAQ categories, they will show up in a drop-down menu when creating or editing an FAQ item. See Figure 1, below.

Figure 1: FAQ category drop-down
 Screenshot of FAQ category drop-down

The main FAQ page will show all of the FAQ categories, and the corresponding FAQ items. You may also choose to display an individual set of categorized FAQs in the main menu. See below for more information. 

Reorder FAQ Categories, and Edit FAQ Categories

By default, the FAQ categories will display in alphabetical order on the main FAQ page, and you may change the display order of the FAQ categories. 

Go to the Site Builder dashboard, then go to the "Administer Taxonomy" section, and select "Manage Categories" in the "FAQs" row. On the FAQ categories page, drag and drop the categories into your desired order, then select "Save." If you need to edit your FAQ Categories, select the "Edit" links next to the corresponding categories, then select "Save." See Figures 2 and 3, below.

Figure 2: Select "Manage categories" for FAQs on the Site Builder dashboard
 Screenshot of Manage Categories in the FAQs row on the Site Builder dashboard

Figure 3: Reorder and/or edit FAQ categories
 Screenshot of screen where you can reorder and edit FAQ categories

Display a Set of FAQs in the Main Menu

You may display a set of FAQs, assigned to a single category, on their own page in a menu (i.e., only FAQs assigned to the chosen category will show up on the individual page). 

After creating your FAQ categories and FAQ items, display a set of FAQs by navigating to your Site Builder dashboard, then selecting "Add new link" for the Main Menu in the "Administer Menus" section. See Figure 4, below.

Figure 4: Add a new link to the menu
 Screenshot of new menu link

Add the menu title to the "Menu link title" field, then put the following in the "Path" field: faq/[name of FAQ category] (replace the brackets and text within brackets with the name of your FAQ category, using dashes between words, i.e., faq/specific or faq/specific-type). Select the parent item (where the single FAQ item should reside in the menu), then select "Save". See Figure 5, below.

Figure 5: Configure the menu link
 Screenshot of screen where menu link can be configured

When you visit your new single FAQ page, you should see the FAQs assigned to that category on one page.