Edit Content

To edit a page, navigate to that web page when you are logged in, and you will see an “Edit” Tab. Important note: If a page contains panels, only Site Builders can edit certain types of panels (contact your Site Builder if you have questions about panels used on your site).

Click on the “Edit” tab, and you will be able to edit the content by changing the text in the “Body” field and using the editing toolbar to apply some styling (e.g., bold, italics, bullet points).

Note: When editing a page, underneath the "Body" field, there is an "Editor" drop-down menu which contains "WYSIWYG" and "Plain text" editing options. The "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get) will display the standard editing toolbar (see below), while "Plain text" will not allow for any additional formatting of your text. Selecting "Plain text" might result in unwanted HTML markup on your page, and is not recommended.

Expanded Toolbar

A "WYSIWYG", a.k.a. editing toolbar, is available for basic formatting. If you want additional formatting, click on the "Show/hide toolbars" button to display additional formatting options.