Content Types

There are four content types available by default on an Open Berkeley site. If you are using any optional features on your site, then you will see additional content types available. 

Default Content Types

The following content types are the default content types that come with every Open Berkeley starter site.

Content Page

Content pages are the majority of pages on most sites. A content page has one primary topic with one primary chunk of content. Any other content on the page is secondary.

Landing Page

(Can only be created and edited by Site Builders.) Landing pages are meant to be used to display other existing content. Landing pages do not need a local menu. They may be used as home pages, pages that will be using Hero Widgets and Color Bands, section home pages, galleries, etc.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

FAQs are displayed as lists of questions and answers. FAQs are organized in categories (only Site Builders can create and manage categories).

News Item

News items are time-sensitive content. They have a publication date and may also have an author or an external source. Types of news items can include press releases, announcements, or external articles about your site's unit or topic. Optional categories are available for News Items (only Site Builders can create and manage categories).

Content types provided by optional features

The following optional features provide additional content types: