Optional Styles


There are several optional HTML "classes" available that will change some of the default heading, paragraph, table, and list styling in Open Berkeley. To use these styles, you will need to make edits directly in the HTML source. See Edit the HTML of a page for more information about editing in the HTML source.

Use and Change Layouts

There are a variety of pre-configured available layouts with a variety of regions (hero, header, sidebar, etc.) on your Open Berkeley pages to help feature and organize your content. To see your layout options and to change layouts, select "Change layout" at the bottom of the page.

Expand/Collapse Content

Site builders who are comfortable editing HTML directly can add expanding/collapsing (accordion) content sections (the expand/collapse functionality is used on this very page!) to any content page or text widget.

Site Search


On every Open Berkeley page, there is a search box that allows visitors to search your site's content.

The search uses an index, which parses page content into keywords and weights them according to things like whether they are in the page title or a subheading.

Search results pages include facets that allow filtering of results by content type and by sitewide topic.

URL Redirects


Adding a redirect will ensure that if visitors go to an old link, they will be automatically redirected to a new page. You can add redirects for paths from an old website on the redirects administration page. It can also be helpful to add a redirect from an old path on your current website if you've since deleted the page (in case anyone has bookmarked that page to visit later).

Manage Main Menu


You can add and move content to the main menu (primary navigation) when creating or editing content. All menu items in the main menu need a "parent" (top-level) item. For the parent items in the main menu, the main menu itself is the "parent." Additional items are considered "child pages" (sub-pages) of the parent items. Child pages will show up in a local (sidebar) menu from the parent item.

By default, the main menu will display as a simple drop-down:


About Menus

Site Builders can move, edit, and delete menu items on Open Berkeley sites. Menus on Open Berkeley sites include the following:

Layouts and Widgets


Site Builders are allowed to change the layout of a page and add a different types of widgets in the layout regions in order to organize and feature content. This layout and widget functionality is available on almost every page of an Open Berkeley site.

Your home page is a Landing page populated by widgets, so to edit your home page, you will need to follow the steps in this section to change the layout and edit the widgets.

Manage Content


In addition to creating and editing content, site builders can delete content as well as publish or unpublish content. You can do this in bulk from your content dashboard (admin/dashboard/content), or from an individual page. See the expand/collapse sections below for additional details. 

Types of Widgets


There are many types of widgets available to feature content on your site! See the full menu on the left for details and instructions on how to use each one.