Other Theme Settings

The additional options available in Theme Settings are as follows. These options are available from the Site Builder Dashboard, under Other Administration ("Openberkeley_theme_brand Theme Settings"):

Additional Main Menu Options

When using the default simple drop-down (as opposed to the Mega Menu), the drop-down menu will display only 1 child (the first level of sub-menu). From a general usability standpoint, it can be considered overwhelming for a drop-down menu to display more than 1 child level at a time.

However, if you would like to display additional sub-menu levels, you can change those settings from your Site Builder dashboard (from the "Theme Settings" in "Other Administration"). Under "Main Menu," you can select additional menu levels:

These additional menu levels will "fly out" accordingly in the simple drop-down menu:

Responsive Tables

Properly-constructed tables (see Add Tables and Create Accessible Tables) will be responsive on mobile devices for optimal display. If you have a site that uses a lot of non-standard tables (not recommended), and the tables don't display as you want them to display on mobile devices/tablets, the responsive tables functionality can be disabled, but this will happen for all tables on the site, so we recommend that you fix your tables instead.

To turn off Responsive Tables, navigate to the "Responsive Tables" section of the Theme Settings, and check "Disable Responsive Tables":

Miscellaneous (file icons and widget title style)

File Icons

If you would like attachment (file) icons to show up or not show up automatically in attachment links, this option can be toggled on or off in this section. Navigate to the "Miscellaneous" section, and check or un-check "Show icons by file links" accordingly.

Widget Title Style

See Configure Widgets for more information.