Add Table

To add a table in a widget area, use the "Add Table" option. Note that if you need to create a widget with a table plus additional text/images/etc., use the "Add Text" option instead.

Select the number of columns and rows, then fill in the cells accordingly.

Add Tables

Tables allow you to display data in rows and columns. They should not be used for page layout. If you need text and images to align a certain way on a page, anyone with the Site Builder role can use Layouts and Widgets to achieve this instead.

Other Theme Settings

The additional options available in Theme Settings are as follows. These options are available from the Site Builder Dashboard, under Other Administration ("Openberkeley_theme_brand Theme Settings"):

The WYSIWYG (Editing) Toolbar

When you create a Content Page, News item, or FAQ item, and if you are a Site Builder creating certain widgets, you will notice an editing toolbar within the "Body" section:

Create (Accessible) Tables

You can create tables on your Open Berkeley site, and you should make sure that any tables you create are accessible to people with disabilities. Use tables for tabular data, not layout (i.e., do not use a table in order to only display images in rows). See Add Tables for instructions on how to add tables to your site.