Add Table (widget)

The "Add Table" widget is a widget that allows users to put a basic table in a widget area. The table will have a "header" row, and additional "data" rows.

Note about the Add Table widget

There are a few ways to add tables on the Open Berkeley platform, and the the "Add Table" widget is one of them. The "Add Table" widget does not allow any additional formatting (such as bold, italic, or links). 

If you need to add a table with more than just plain text, see Add Tables. Add the table either to the "Body" field of a Content page, or use the "Add Text" widget. 

How to Use the "Add Table" widget

To add a table in a widget area, select the "Add Table" option from the list of widgets. Select the number of columns and rows, then fill in the cells. For accessibility best practices, fill in the "Table Description" field, and select an option from the "Header Orientation" drop-down. See Add Tables for more information about table headers.