Use and Change Layouts

Some layouts have been deprecated and are not available for new content. Display of existing pages using deprecated layouts will not change. See release notes for Version 1.6.0 and Deprecated and alternative layouts for more information.

There are a variety of pre-configured available layouts with a variety of regions (hero, header, sidebar, etc.) on your Open Berkeley pages to help feature and organize your content. 

How to See Layout Options and Change Layouts

To see your layout options and to change layouts, select "Change layout" at the bottom of the page.

Important note: "Hero" layouts are only available on Landing pages. See Hero Widget or Color Bands for more information.

Screenshot of an Open Berkeley homepage with the Change Layout button highlighted

The current layout is highlighted in the display. Select your desired layout, then hit Save.

Screenshot of layout modal screen to show layout options

After you choose the layout, you will see a "preview" of how your previous regions will be placed into the new layout. You can do a preliminary drag and drop of the existing widgets at this point to get started on the process (you will also be able to drag and drop widgets again after this step). Click "Save" when you're ready.

Screenshot showing the Create new revision checkbox on a Change Layout screen

When you change the layout of a page, you have the opportunity to create a new revision. See Revisions and Configure Widgets for more information. To make the revision log clearer, add a log message every time you create a revision when changing page layout.

Once you hit "Save", you can hit "Customize this page" at the bottom of the page in order to move your widgets around to other available regions as much as you'd like, as well as create new widgets and edit existing ones. See the next page (Configure Widgets) for details.