Version 1.6.0

June 16, 2023

Release 1.6.0 contains new and updated features, deprecated features, accessibility improvements, bug fixes, and minor code updates. This page also includes release notes for version 1.6.1 and 1.6.2.

Privacy tip

Open Berkeley recommends that site builders avoid using click-tracking links on their sites. These links (such as Mailchimp-generated links or link shorteners) provide information about user behavior to organizations outside UC Berkeley, which may violate our privacy policy. To avoid introducing privacy issues on your website, be careful when copying links from marketing emails or third-party websites.

If your site is using a link with a click-tracking service that provides information to a third party (or if you are not sure), please contact the Privacy Office.

Updated features

The Gender Recognition & Lived Name policy ensures that accurate gender and lived names are collected, displayed, and utilized in all campus interactions. (Presentation slide.)Gender Recognition and Lived Name (GRLN) policy implementation

In order to prepare for the Gender Recognition and Lived Name (GRLN) policy implementation, we are making some changes to the way account usernames are populated and updated. See our GRLN announcement for more information.

Portfolio sort options

Portfolio now includes the option to sort by sortable name, for portfolios that only include Person content items.

Deprecated layouts

As part of our preparation for the next generation of our platform, we have deprecated some of the layouts that are currently available. This will simplify the page customization process in the next generation platform. We are developing a more flexible approach to page layouts, which will make many of the existing layouts unnecessary. See Deprecated layouts for information about deprecated layouts and their alternatives.

Google Analytics 4 transition

On June 1, we contacted sites that have not yet submitted our Google Analytics Account Manager form. This form allows site builders to submit the appropriate Measurement IDs, identify an account manager, and accept the privacy terms. If you are using Google Analytics and have not submitted the form by June 26, we will not be able to add your GA4 Measurement ID, and your site may stop collecting analytics on July 1. Our Google Analytics documentation page has more information.

CSV export of Files listing

We have added a function to export a CSV listing of your site’s uploaded files. You can use the listing’s filter and sort options to control which file data you export. Visit the Files dashboard tab, apply any filter or sort options if desired, and scroll to the bottom of the files listing table for the CSV export link.

Code updates

  • Update to Google Analytics module 2.8.
  • Set GA4 cookies on the site subdomain.
  • Update label of Berkeley Events calendar widget.
  • Fix inconsistent links to Berkeley gateway site.
  • Add more extensions to Fast 404.
  • Add support for DDEV.
  • Prevent stock images from being deleted when removed from media fields.