Gender Recognition and Lived Name policy (GRLN)

June 20, 2023
The Gender Recognition and Lived Name (GRLN) policy affects how Open Berkeley website account usernames are updated and displayed.

Assign User Roles and Edit User Accounts

Your full list of User Accounts can be found on the Site Builder dashboard (select "Dashboard" in the upper left corner), or from the "Dashboard" flyout in the black admin bar.

How to Manage Users on Your Site

Site Builders may perform the following actions on the User Accounts page:

add roles (new users) change and add roles (existing users) remove user roles (existing users) collapse all expand all Add roles to new...

Manage Users

The Open Berkeley platform provides four roles: Contributor, Editor, Widget Editor, and Site Builder. Anyone with the Site Builder role can manage users and assign roles.

User Roles

Open Berkeley provides four roles that Site Builders can assign.

List of User Roles on the Open Berkeley Platform

In order of increasing privileges, these roles are:

Contributor: The most limited role, as Contributors can only edit content that they own. Assign it to users who need to be able to edit just a few pages, such as their faculty profile page or a small section of the site. Editor: A more advanced role than Contributor, and has all of the permissions as the Contributor, plus a few more. Assign it to users who need to be able to edit multiple...