Add Attachments

When uploading a new attachment, you will no longer need to select the "public" file destination. You will skip the screen where you used to make this choice, and the public destination will be selected automatically.


Attachments like PDF, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents can be added to Open Berkeley sites as downloadable links. You will upload the attachment first, and then add a link that allows site visitors to click and download.

Just like when you upload images (see Add Images), you can upload attachments via the "Add Media" button in the editing toolbar (see more detailed instructions below).

If you would like site visitors to be able to see what the document looks like before clicking and downloading the file, you will need to upload an image of the attachment first (such as a screenshot of the first page of the document), and then link the image to the file link (see below on how to add attachment links). 

Best Practices

  • There is a 5GB limit for files on Open Berkeley sites hosted on the standard "Personal" plan. If you have very large attachment files (e.g., PDFs that are 30 MB or larger), you may end up hitting this limit. If you do plan on uploading many large attachment files:
    • Many file types can be optimized to reduce file size (for example, Adobe Acrobat has a "Optimized PDF" option).
    • Consider uploading these attachments to a campus collaboration tool such as bDrive or Box, and then linking to the files instead.
    • If the above options aren't possible, you may need to upgrade to the "Professional" hosting plan at an additional cost (email for more details).
  • Keep your attachment filenames short, and avoid using spaces in the filename (use a dash to connect words). In general, it's best to use only alphanumeric characters, plus the dash, dot, and underscore, for names of files that will be uploaded to a web server.

Upload attachments

To add an attachment, select the "Add Media" button from the editing toolbar.

Click “Browse” to locate the file. Click “Upload” to upload the attachment to the server. Click "Next" after uploading the file.

To proceed, click the "X" in the upper right corner to close the window.

The file should now be uploaded to the server.

Add a link to an attachment

After you have uploaded the attachment, you can add a link to that attachment so that site visitors can download and view. Read instructions in Add Links: Attachment Links.