Add Lists

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Proper use of lists is an accessibility best practice. When you have content that makes semantic sense as a list, use the list buttons instead of simply using line breaks. Conversely, lists should not be used for formatting non-list content (such as a single line of text, such as a mailing address).

Creating lists

To create a list, place your cursor in the WYSIWYG field and select the WYSIWYG button for a bullet (unordered) or numbered (ordered) list. While your cursor is inside a list, the Enter key will create new list items. To create a line break within a list item, use the Shift+Enter key combination.

Screenshot highlighting the list buttons in the WYSIWYG toolbar

To convert a bulleted list into a numbered list or vice versa, select the entire list in the WYSIWYG and click the appropriate list button. To convert any list back into unformatted text content, select the entire list and click the list button that's already applied to the list.


To create nested lists, use the indent and outdent buttons in the expanded toolbar.

Screenshot highlighting the list indent buttons in the WYSIWYG toolbar

List styles

The list properties button in the expanded toolbar allows you to change the bullet or number style. To change list properties, place your cursor in the WYSIWYG field and select the list properties button (note: only placing your cursor in the list will allow you to do this; selecting the entire list will not.)

Screenshot highlighting the list properties button in the WYSIWYG toolbar

Available list styles for unordered lists are Disc, Circle, and Square. Styles for ordered lists are Decimal, Uppercase letters, Lowercase letters, Uppercase Roman numerals, and Lowercase Roman numerals. You can also set the start item for a numbered list.

Screenshot showing the list properties dialog in the WYSIWYG editor

Additional List Styles

There are two additional styles that can be added to lists: a style with no bullets, and a Berkeley Brand style. See Optional Styles for more information.

List Spacing

If you prefer less spacing between individual list items when adding lists to your pages, Site Builders can select an option from the Theme Settings on the Site Builder dashboard. See Other Theme Settings for more information.