How to Add Links


Links can be internal (pages on your website), external (other websites), anchor links (also known as jump links), and attachment links (PDF, Word, etc.).

Links can be added to both text, as well as images. 

Add Links to Text

Give your links unique and descriptive names, which is important for accessibility purposes. See "Give your links unique and descriptive names" in the "Top 10 Tips for Making Your Website Accessible" for more information, as well as "What's Wrong with Using 'Click Here' Links?".

When adding links to a page, do not use the same link text for two (or more) links if these links go to different places. For example, you can have two links called "About" on a page if those links both go to the same "About" page; it would be an accessibility violation to have these two "About" links go to two different pages (it can cause confusion for screen reader users, as well as users with certain cognitive disabilities). 

Also please note that your page titles, menu items, footer links, sitewide topics, and other categories are all used in different ways to create links on your pages. For example:

  • If your unit has a partner unit with its own website, you might have a link to page on your site about the partnership, and a link in your footer to their site, that use the same text.
  • You might have menu items with the same title in different menu sections, such as Contact pages for two different programs.
  • Or you might have a page in your main menu with the same name as a sitewide topic.

When possible, choose distinctive titles for pages, topics, and internal and external links. Otherwise, you may end up with identical text in links that go to different destinations.

Add Links to Images

For accessibility purposes, if you are adding a link to an image in order to make the image clickable, you must also add alt text to that image (otherwise, screen reader users will only hear the file name of the image). See Add Images for more information.

If you add a link to an image, and then you use the "Add Media" button again to adjust the image settings (such as selecting another embed option or adjusting alt or title text), the link will be removed. Adding the link again will bring it back.

How to add links