Top Results (keywords)


The Top Results feature allows users to assign a limited number of pages to be "top results" for specific search terms. You can use single words or phrases as top result "keywords." The top results appear separately, above the regular search results.

When to use Top Results keywords

Top Results can be useful when you have many pages that contain a particular keyword, and you want to highlight the most important or top-level result. For example, if you have one page that lists of all of your faculty members, and you have multiple pages that contain the word "Faculty," that listings page might be buried among these results. Assigning the keyword "Faculty" to that listings page will ensure that it appears above regular search results for that search.

Top Results also allows you to return results for very short words that are not indexed by the regular search. For example, if you have pages about “Exhibit A” and “Exhibit B,” the regular search cannot distinguish between the two. Top Results can handle short keywords.

How keywords work

When you add a keyword, the system also stores a processed version that strips out all punctuation and spaces, and transliterates special characters. Site visitors’ search terms are processed the same way and compared to the keyword. If they match exactly, all pages that are assigned to the keyword will be displayed in their own widget above any regular search results.

It is not necessary to create multiple versions of the same keyword with different punctuation or spacing. If you already have a keyword that processes down to the same thing you're trying to add, the system will inform you that the keyword already exists in a different format.

Content notes

  • Editing a content item (including changing the page title) that is assigned to a keyword does not affect the keyword. The relationship will still be in place. If you delete a content item, the relationship to the keyword will be removed, but the keyword will not be affected. This may cause some of your keywords to have zero pages assigned to them.
  • Unpublished content will not show up in the Top Results widget on the search results page, even if a keyword is assigned.