Stock Photos

There are stock campus photos from Public Affairs available in your library to use on your site as needed, though they were created primarily for use in the two styles of Hero widgets. These photos are cropped to the following dimensions:

  • 1200px wide by 450px high
  • 800px wide by 450px high

These dimensions are noted in the names of the files. If you are a Site Builder and using one of the Berkeley Brand widgets, see Image Shapes and Sizes for best practices when using photos.

To use these photos: When uploading a photo for your Hero, navigate to the "Library" tab, then filter by "Stock Photos".

Select a desired photo from the selection of stock photos, and proceed with the rest of the options for photo display.

If you want view large images of all the stock photos (to help you determine which one you would like to use), make sure you are logged in, and then visit http://[yoursite]