External News Item

If desired, a News item can be added to your site that links directly to an external source in the title of the News item. When adding this News item, provide a title, as well as some text about the article in the "Body" or "Summary" field (optional - external stories do not need a Body, but they should have a Summary for best display on the Archive page).

Copy and paste the external URL into the "External Link" field, and provide the external link source in the "Source" field. Select a "News" type if desired, then hit "Save".

After saving, here is what an external News item will look like on your News Archive page. When visitors click the title of the external News item, they will go to the external news URL, not to the individual News item.

If you need to edit an external News item, you will need to do so from your Content list (located at http://[yoursite].berkeley.edu/admin/dashboard/content, and from your admin menu and dashboard).