Create and Edit Publications

To use the Publications feature, start by creating Publications content items. Select "Dashboard" in the upper left corner of your site, and then select "Publication", or hover over "Content" in the black admin bar and select "Add Publication" from the flyout menu. (If you do not see "Publication" available as described, please email to request the Publications feature for your site.) See Figure 1, below.

Figure 1: Select the "Publication" option on the Site Builder dashboard
Screenshot of the Create Content section of the Site Builder dashboard, with Publication highlighted

Once you have selected the Publication option from either the Site Builder dashboard or the flyout menu from the admin menu, fill in the options as described below.


Fill out the following fields when creating/editing a Publication item:

  • Publication title (required): Enter the title of the publication. The title is limited to 255 characters.

  • Abstract. This is the equivalent to the "Body" field on other content types (e.g., a Content Page). On a Publication content item, the "abstract" should be a summary of the publication. Enter an abstract for the publication in this field.

    • You may use the Edit Summary link to specify the text that should appear as the "teaser" on some Publications listings widgets (or other Listings widgets).

  • Author. Enter the author's name for the Publication. You may enter multiple authors; add them one at a time. If you will be adding multiple authors:

    • When entering the author's name, you will see an autocomplete with suggestions if similar author names have been entered for other publications.

    • If there is a match, select the author from the autocomplete to prevent multiple spellings of the same author name. 

    • Drag authors into the appropriate order.

    • If you also have the People feature enabled, see the Integration with Other Features section.

  • Publication date. Enter the publication date in the required format, which is displayed below the field (i.e., Feb 18 2021).

  • Document location (required). There are two options for this field; choose one or the other:

    • Local: File uploaded to this site. Upload an attachment to your site. You may upload files in standard document formats (text, Microsoft Office, PDF, Open Office). Do not upload publications that have access restrictions; use the Remote URL option instead (see next bullet).

    • Remote URL: Link to file hosted elsewhere. Find the URL of the document on a different site, then enter the full URL into this field.

      • If you are linking to a remote publication that has access restrictions, we recommend adding a brief note to the end of the Abstract describing the restriction. 

      • Do not add a link to your own site to the Remote URL field. If the document is hosted on your site, use the Local option as described above.
  • Featured Image. Upload/select a featured image if you would like to have a photo display on the Publication page, and/or if you’ll be using one of the Listings widgets that display a photo (see Publications Widgets for more information).

  • Publication type (required). Choose the type of publication. See the "Publication Types" section below for more information.

  • Topics. If you are using sitewide Topics, you may tag the publication with those topics.

  • Citation. Enter the standard citation for this publication. By default, the help text suggests the APA format.

    • This is a free-form text field; the input will not be validated or compared to the title or authors you have entered.

See Figure 2, below, for a screenshot of the above process. 

Figure 2: Configure the Publication fields
Screenshot of editing a Publication item, with various fields filled in as described on this page

Publication Types

Publications content must be categorized by a "Publication Type." By default, the Publications feature includes one publication type: Journal Article. Site Builders may add, edit, and delete publication types. Publication Types are one of the sortable options in the default Publications table. 

To add a publication type, navigate to the Site Builder dashboard. On the Site Builder dashboard (the "dashboard" link in the upper left corner), you will see a table called "Administer Taxonomy". In this table, select the "Add new category" link in the row for "Publication type" in the "Administer Taxonomy" section. To edit or delete a publication type, follow the "Manage categories" link. See Figure 3, below.

Figure 3: Add new Publication taxonomy type (or manage categories)
Screenshot of Site Builder dashboard, with the Publications type part of the Administer taxonomy section highlighted

Do not delete all of your publication types! If you do, you will not be able to add or edit existing publications. If you delete a publication type that is in use, you will need to assign a new publication type for any publications that were using it.